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Siargao Pt. 2 - Island Hopping

Siargao Islands, Surigao del Norte - Philippines

Comprised of 7,101 islands, the Philippines has no shortage of places for you to get away and forget all your worries.  For this project I teamed up writer, beauty editor, tv host, and good friend Jenny Rockett to explore the beautiful island of Siargao.  Most famous for its world class surfing, we opted to focus on more leisurely activities that any traveler could enjoy during their visit, namely island hopping between the main island and the smaller surrounding islands.

Our excursion would take us to 3 islands, Daku, Guyam, & Naked Island.  We arranged to get picked up at the beachfront of our resort by the bangka, a traditional Philippine boat, with outriggers.  Our first stop was Naked Island, so named because it is entirely bare of any flora & fauna.  It really is more of a glorified sandbar surrounded by turquoise waters perfect for swimming, snorkelling around the corral reefs, or floating on your back without a care in the world.

The largest of the Islands we would visit on the day, Daku Island would serve as our base. It was here we would enjoy a lunch of freshly grilled sea food (which you can arrange on site or through your resort) & fresh buko (young coconut). If you wished to stay the night, you could rent a cottage for the princely sum of 700.00 PHP / 14.00 USD.  Covered in powdery white sand and coconut groves, it provided many spots perfect for hanging up a hammock to grab a nap or catch up on your reading.

After a late lunch and afternoon siesta at Daku we proceeded to the last island, Guyam where we planned to watch the sunset and enjoy one last dip in the ocean.  Once we arrived at Guyam, Jenny and I decided to leave the sandy beach where we landed and explore the back side of the island. Navigating through thick coconut grove, we found ourselves at the rear of the island. There were several tidepools that turned into glistening and gleaming lakes, reflecting the late afternoon sun.  The sea and sky put on light show for us. As far as the eye could see, the horizon morphed from pale straw, to brilliant gold, finally settling on a subdued coral not long after the sun had dipped beneath the waves. It was the perfect way to end our island hopping adventure.  Stay tuned for my next entry, on our day spent at Sugba Lagoon.

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. -Jacques Yves Cousteau