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Whistle App & Reebok

Toronto, Canada

I recently had the chance to collaborate the founder of Whistle app, Laura Davidson and Reebok to create some imagery for Whistle app. I love to cycle, but don't enjoy cycling alone.  A big challenge for myself is staying motivated to cycle alone if my usual group of friends can't go on  a ride with me.  With Whistle at my disposal, it makes finding a cycling buddy a little easier.

An excerpt from the website:

Whistle let's you find people in your area who are looking for a fitness buddy, just like you! Whether it be for the gym, running, outdoor sports, or cycling, you'll find people near you who want to workout! Set the activity you want to do, set the time of day you want to work out, and Whistle will find the perfect person who'll hit the asphalt with you at 3:30 in the afternoon, or 3:30 in the morning.

Using the app is very easy, especially if you have used any location based matchmaking apps.  You create an account (or connect via Facebook), upload your profile images, activity preferences, and time preferences.  Once your account is created you can begin searching for people who you want to work out with.  V2 of the app, due out later this summer will connect businesses and services to users.  Trainers, instructors, studios, physio-therapists, retailers will be able to reach the Whistle user base; a great way for people to try a new class, or take advantage of a promotion, or head over to a pop-up or sale.