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Malibu Beach with Monica & Fynn

Malibu Beach, California

On the last day of my trip to LA I was able to make it to the beach.   It was just what I needed after a week full of meetings and presentations at agencies around the city.  Of course a day at the beach is no fun without a little bit of company.  Thankfully I had plenty, with Monica & her Rhodesian Ridgeback, Fynn.  Funnily enough I first met Monica at another beach, Boracay in he Philippines many years ago. Over the years we kept in touch, seeing each other in Manila, New York or LA whenever our busy schedules allowed.  When I mentioned that I was taking an extended trip to Los Angeles to check things out, Monica graciously played host.  When I expressed my interest to head to the beach before leaving, Monica said she had the perfect spot for us to go.

We left downtown just after lunch time and headed towards Malibu.  We were a little concerned because as we drove though Santa Monica the entire coast line was enveloped in a thick almost soup-like fog.  Thankfully as we drove further north we broke through the fog and were met with blue skies and sunshine.  Fynn was of course elated to be going to the beach.  Driving down the PCH as we neared our destination, his excited whines and whelps filled the back seat.  He could hardly contain himself.  I was surprised that he could recognize that we were going to his favourite spot.  While Fynn often gets taken on hikes in the canyons and parks, the beach is where he really has a blast.

Despite his imposing size and presence, Fynn is extremely gentle and affectionate with people he knows, but otherwise he is aloof to strangers.  He is more interested in finding other dogs to play with or birds to chase.  The moment Monica removed his leash, he bolted staight to the surf.  We could hardly keep up with him, soon he was just a small little dot in the distance. We let him have his fun for a few minutes, and when Monica felt he had been gone long enough she called out and within a few moments Fynn came bounding back.  

 There are few things more relaxing than walking up and down a beach - the sound of the ocean and the texture of the sand underneath your feet.  A perfect way to spend an afternoon to clear the mind and refocus.  It was of course bittersweet, having to return to a wintry welcome in Toronto.  But I am comforted in the fact that when I return to Los Angeles, I will always have company should I want to spend a day at the beach.