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Patricia Buchner

Toronto, ON


It is summer, and I can’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon than reconnecting with an old friend over some wine, good conversation, and while were at it, we might as well take some pictures.  That’s how i spent my Friday afternoon a few weeks back with Patricia.  We first met back in 2010, when I was assisting and fancied myself a beauty and fashion photographer  and we tested together.  Originally from St. Catharines, Patricia has called Toronto home ever since moving here after high school to attend the University of Toronto.  She dreamt of becoming a doctor, “a  dermatologist to be exact.”, studying Life Sciences - Human Biology.  However a series of life events altered her course, although she received her degree in Human Biology her heart was no longer in it - a sentiment i can share with regards to Law. While she as at U of T she also minored in psychology, "I absolutely loved these courses, especially those which focused on social and media psychology. This made me finally put together the fact that I may want to pursue a career in advertising/marketing. I had always brushed this though off in the past, as my parents encouraged me to have a 'real' job - as a doctor, engineer, etc. So with my framed university degree freshly nailed to the wall, off I went to George Brown to get a certificate in Strategic Relationship Marketing. I did an internship as part of the program and my career took off from there”.  Patricia worked in advertising for 5 years in account management and client services on the agency side, but strangely, our paths never crossed.  During this time we lost touch, our only glimpses into each other lives was through social media.  I was particularly fond of pictures she would post of Bazyl, their miniature Schnauzer - who was with her since she was 10 year old.  I remember liking any picture she would post of him.


Fast forward a few years, a friend asked me to introduce Patricia to her so she could ask her questions about a job that she was applying for.  I happily obliged, and that’s how we reconnected.  We grabbed a coffee and in the late spring of this year, and shared what we were up to and what had transpired in the last few years.  It felt comfortable and easy as if no time had passed.  Like me Patricia search for work-life balance led her to change careers. Reading Paolo Cohelio's, The Alchemist, while sunning herself on a beach in St. Maarten, Patricia made the difficult decision to resign and pursue a new career.  A kindred spirit, Patricia is also an avid traveller and adventurer - and with no bias (because i am Filipino) calls Boracay her favourite place that she’s ever been - “It’s just heaven on earth.”  This year she made it to France and Spain, she tries to make " travelling a priority - you've got to see as much of this beautiful world as you can while you're still on it! The next place I want to cross off my list is Brazil... or Greece... or Morocco”.

As we shared a bottle of rosé I asked her to recount her recent trip to Spain.  I asked this specifically because while she was in Spain, Patricia got engaged.  She met her fiancé, Abeer while working at her first agency.  "After about a year into my time at the agency, he spilled his guts out to me, drunkenly, over text, while in New York. My exact thoughts: "This is incredibly unprofessional. I need to nip this in the bud and let him down gently." I asked him to go for a drink and "talk about it”.”  But as things would have it during this talk, they found a connection, and have been together ever since.  She recalls fondly,  “He's my best friend and has a heart of pure gold.” Together with Abeer she hopes to build a life together, " I really want to have a family someday. I want the whole nine yards - a house with the picket fence, kids and dog running around... It may be cheesy and cliche, but a happy, healthy family is one thing I've always known, wholeheartedly, that I wanted. That would be my ultimate achievement.”