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Jack Dudley

St. Ives, Cornwall


It's a little funny that being from the Philippines I never learned to surf considering we have some of the worlds best beaches and islands to chose from. Instead I chose to learn in the frigid North Atlantic while exploring the Cornish countryside.  Despite looking like an overstuffed sausage in my wetsuit, I had quite a lot of fun, much credit going to the two instructors I had.

Here the first profile of my instructors.

Jack Edward Dudley

Jack has been surfing since he was 10, picking it up from his dad who has been surfing for 42 years.  Growing up with his sisters, the sea was never far away; surf was and still is a major factor in determining family vacations to this day for them.  Jack has only recently become an instructor, after leaving a job with Europe's largest surfboard store. He headed of to Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand (his favourite surf destination so far despite the sharks and cold water) before starting to teach.

If he wasn't surfing Jack reckons he would find a way or several ways to work in the sea - "I love to fish when I'm not surfing and have become pretty addicted to it this season. There is no better feeling than having a surf then grabbing a couple of mackerel from a handline on the way back home then lighting the barbecue up!"

 One day he hopes to make it to the Galapagos Islands to surf with a good crew, despite the tight restrictions - but for now he's looking forward to some epic road trips with his girlfriend and his newly converted van.