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Fly Fishing

Eiði, Faroe Islands

If ever you find yourself in the Faroe Islands, you will find that you don’t need to look very far to find water.  There is the sea and ocean of course that surrounds the islands, but one could throw a stone in any direction and the chances are your rock will hit a pond, a lake, a river, or a waterfall.  Day after day, as we drove up and down the islands to our different locations, we would see people fishing on river banks or wading into a lake casting their lines, regardless of the time of day. With a few days remaining on our trip, I was determined to meet some anglers and spend some time with them.  I reached out to Mauritia Kirchner who is an avid angler and runs a number of fishing lodges in the Faroe Islands.  I asked her if she could put me in touch with any anglers who may be interested in letting me shadow them on one of their days.  Fortunately, she had a group of anglers staying in one of her lodges while we were in town and they were amendable to having me join them on one of their fishing expeditions.   We agreed to meet in the town of Eiði which has a lake that is stocked with brown trout. 

The forecast for the day was supposed to be overcast with a high probability of rain, ideal conditions to go fishing in.  But on the one day we wanted adverse weather, we got a picture perfect day.  A sun bright as could be, a blue sky, and patches of cotton candy clouds to boot.  As the guys got their kit ready, I asked Jurgen to tie a fly onto his line.  Without missing a beat he selected a lure from his colourful assortment and proceeding to tie it on.  HIs fingers moved deftly and in a quickly, the motions were smooth and fluid, all the while he kept chatting with me - clearly he had done this before.  I wondered how three guys from Hamburg found themselves in the Faroe Islands to fly fish.  Marcus readily answered; during a vacation with his wife, Marcus picked up what he thought was fishing magazine at the airport to read on the plane. Instead it was a magazine about fishing trips.  It featured an article about the Faroe Islands in which Mauritia spoke about the the Faroe Islands being one of the last paradise for fly fishing in Europe.  Marcus send the article to Jurgen, and he contacted Mauritia to book their trip.

Fishing has always been a great passion for these three men.  Marcus, who's father was a commercial fisherman started fishing young, but started fly fishing in 2009.  Max has been fishing for 17 years, but also recently started fly fishing in 2010.  Jurgen, the elder statesmen of the bunch, declined to disclose how long he has been fishing, but from how he demonstrated tying the lure, its safe to assume he’s a veteran of many a fishing trip.  It was also Jurgen who brought this bunch together.  Marcus was fishing on a private access lake, trying his hand at fly fishing for the first time, but was struggling.  Jurgen who lives close to the lake and often fishes there after work, noticed Marcus having a hard time, and came over.  He gave Marcus some tips and his favourite lure (the one his is tying in the photograph) and after the first cast, Marcus caught a trout.  A few more trips to the lake, they exchange numbers and became friends, Jurgen then became Marcus’s fly fishing mentor.  Jurgen is the father of one of Max’s friends, and regularly goes on fishing trips with Max.  It was on one of these fishing trips in Denmark, that Jurgen introduced Max to Marcus, and their trio was formed.