Gabriel Nivera


About & Contact

I love seeing the little red icon that says I have email to read and promise to reply as soon as possible!

I was in Boston, raised in Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, educated in the U.K., I am based in Los Angeles - but call the world my home. Ethnically Filipino, I am a dual citizen of the US & Canada. I love to travel, eat, drink, seek adventure, meet strangers, make new friends, get into silly situations that turn into crazy stories to share, and of course take the occasional photograph.

I am very curious and love to immerse myself in a project; soaking in as much information as I can. I love to collaborate closely with people be it the subjects of my photographs or my creative client-partners on a commissioned project to create a memorable shoot experience and thoughtful images that tell an engaging narrative.

I am available for commercial and editorial projects wherever you wish to send me as long as my two passports can get me there somehow!


Communication Arts, American Photography, Applied Arts, Rangefinder, APA Best in Show, Zeiss

SelecT Clients:

Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Reebok, Nike, Jordan, Discovery Channel, Crown Royal, Amazon, Animal Planet, Travel Alberta, Visit Nova Scotia, Visit Faroe Islands 



USA: +1.212.457.4009     CANADA: +1.647.500.1153